Ido-Angla vortaro: Q

Ido-Angla vortaro : Q

qua: (relative and interrogative pronoun; acc. quan) who, what, which (person) (Note: qua used as an interrogative adjective has the same form in the plural as in singular; ex.: qua membri ne pagis ankore: which members have not paid yet?; used substantively it takes the form qui; (cf. Talmey’s Text Book, p. 26); qua esas ibe: who is there; qua viro venis: which man came? qua kloko esas: what time is it? (or, what is the hour?); la pluvo qua falis: the rain which fell; la libro quan me donis a vu: the book which I gave you; la puerino quan me amas: the girl whom I love; qua iras hike: (milit.) who goes there? quo: (acc. quon): what, which (thing, fact); (Note: The forms quo, quon are also used adjectively when referring to othr pronouns ending in -o; as, to quo, co quo, omno quo, nulo quo: cf. Talmey ibid. p. 95); quo used as an interrogative refers to something indefinite; as, quo eventis? what happened; quo esas plu bona: which (thing) is better? quon il dicis?: what did he say? quo, ka vera?: what! is it true? quon (me devas) facar?: what is to be done? (used adjectively) prenez to quon vu volas: take what you will. Qui (acc. quin) (pl. form of qua and quo) who, what, which; qui parolis: who (plural) spoke? la personi qui parolis: the persons who spoke; ti quin me amas: those whom I love. — FIS
quadr-o: freestone, ashlar, hewn or squared stone; opp. of kruda stono. — DI
quadrant-o: (instrument) quadrant; (geom.) quadrant: quarter of a circumference of a circle; (cf. VI-322). — DEFIRS
quadrat-a: square; -a peco de papero: a s. piece of paper; -a nombro: a s. number: product of two equal factors; -o: a square; -ala: quadratic (equation, etc.); -igar: to s. (ulo), to form in s.s (uli); -igo: squaring, quadrature; -ig-ebla: which can be squared; -izar: to cover (ulo) with s.s, to checker; -iz-o, -uro: checker-work; -ope, -iz-ita: by s.s, checkerwise; checkered; areo de du quadrato-metri: area of two s. meters; areo de du metri quadrate (od, areo de quar quadrato-metri): an area of two meters square, i.e., of four square meters (cf. Talmey, Text Book, p. 111). Def.: Quadriangulo equilatera ed ortangula. — DeFIRS
quadratur-o: (astron.) quadrature, quartile (aspect or relation of 90 degrees). — DEFIRS
quadri-angul-a: quadrangular, four-cornered, four-square, four-angled; -o: (geom. and bldg.) quadrangle.
quadrig-o: (antiq.) quadriga. — DEFIS
quadrik-a, -o*: (math.) quadric. — DEFIS
quadril-o: quadrille (dance and music); troop of horsemen (at a tournament); a game of cards played by four persons. — DEFIRS
quadri-later-o, -(al)a: quadrilateral.
quadrilion-o: quadrillion (1,000,0004). — DEFIS
quadri-manu-a: quadrumanous.
quadri-ped-a, -o: quadruped.
quadrirem-o: (antiq.) quadrireme: galley with four banks of oars.
quadri-yar-a: quadrennial.
quak!: quack!
quaker-o: (rel.) quaker. — DEFIRS
qual-a: what (= what sort of, of what kind, what quality; indicating comparison); quala esas la vetero: what sort of weather is it?; quala viro il esas?: what kind of a man is he?; quala vento!: what a wind!; quala genio!: what genius!; quale: how; (in comparison) as, like; quale se: as though, as if; quale (od, qual-maniere) il facas ol?: how did he do it?; quale standas la malada infanti?: how are the sick children?; explikez quale vu facis ol: explain how you did it; quale vu standas?: how do you do?; se vu ne savas quale, ne facez ol: if you do not know how, do not do it; en ta loko, quale la texti dicas, erektesis franda monumento: in that place, as the texts say, was erected a great monument; Qual-eso: quality; the relative nature of something, good or bad; -eso prima: first or prime quality; -es-ala analizo: qualitative analysis. V. exp.: vid. kom. — DeFIS
quali-o: (orni.) quail (Tetrao coturnix).
qualifik-ar: (tr.) to qualify: to ascribe the quality of; (gram.) to express a quality; to style, term; -o: qualification: attribution of a quality or title; -anta: qualifying; -ilo: (gram.) a qualificative; -anto: (R.C. rel.) a qualificator. Def.: Expresar la qualeso di, atribuar qualeso ad ulu, ulo. Ex.: L’adjektivo qualifikas la nomo. Qualifikar ulu kom fripono. La verko esas qualifikita kom herezioza. — DEFIS
quankam: (conj.) although, though. Ex.: Il esas jeneroza, quankam il ne esas richa. Quankam il esas mea amiko. — L
quant-a, -e: (of quantity, price) how much (ex.: quanta multo (od quanto) de ta stofo: quante to kustas?); (of numbers) how many (ex.: quanta homi mortis?) (of time) how long (ex.: dum quanta tempo il restis); quanta-foye: how many times; -e pok-a, -e: how little, how few; -e granda: how great, how big; -o: (concrete) quantity; -eso: (an abstract) quantity (as in math., physics, music, etc.); -esi imaginara: imaginary quantities; -esma dio di la monato: which day of the month; -es-ala: quantitative (analysis, etc.); quanto esas du plus tri?: how much is two plus three?; quanton (od, quante vu evas?): how old are you?; segun quante: in the measure as, as in so far as; quante min me manjas, tante min me drinkas: the less I eat, the less I drink; quante plu la homi posedas, tante plu li volas posedar: the more a man has, the more (or, so much the more) he wants. — DeFIS
quar: four; -opl-a, -o: quadruple, four-fold; -opl-igar: to quadruplicate; -opa: quaternate, disposed by fours; -a-dek: forty; -a-dek-esma: (ordinal) fortieth; -a-dek-imo: (fraction) a fortieth; quar-pec-igar: to divide (ulo) into four pieces; (for other derivative forms, cf. du). — eFIS
quaranten-o: quarantine; impozar -o ad ulu: to q. (ulu). — DEFIRS
quarc-o: (min.) quartz. — DEFIRS
quart-o: (mus.) fourth; (fencing) quarte; (piquet) quart; (nav.) a four (or two) hour watch; quart-esar: to be on watch; prenar la -o: to take the watch. — DeFIRS
quartan-a: quartan: occurring every fourth day; -a febro: q. fever. — DEFIS
quarter-o: quarter, district, ward, section of a city. — DEFIRS
quartermastr-o: (milit.) quartermaster, one who provides quarters, provisions, etc.; (nav.) quartermaster, a petty officer rating. — DEFIRS
quarteron-a, -(ul)o: quadroon. Def.: Genitito da blanko e da mulato; V-25. — DeFIRS
quartet-o: (mus.) quartet. — DEFIRS
quartik-o*: (math.) quartic. — EFIS
quasi-o (-kortico): (pharm.) quassia; -iero: (bot.) q. tree (Quassia amara). — DEFIS
quaternar-a: (math., geol.) quaternary. — DEFIS
quaternion-o: (math.) quaternion. — DEFIS
quatren-o: quatrain. Def.: Poemeto di quar versi; III-143. — DEFIS
quaz-e, -a: as it were, so to speak; (jur.) quasi; -a diftongo: a quasi-diphthong. Def.: En ula grado simila, ma ne tote tala; III-153. V. exp.: Quaze indikas nur semblo o simileso e ke esas poka difero inter du objekti. Preske indikas stando o grado proxima e esas termino di mezuro indikanta proximeso, kurta disto, tempo, grado. Ex.: quaze nigra; preske parfinita; il esis preske mortinta (il esis tre grave malada, vindita, e.c.); il esis quaze mortinta (il esis senmova, o simulis mortinto, ma esis forsan tote sana). — DEFIS
quaze-delikt-o: (jur.) injury caused involuntarily.
quaze-kontrat-o: (jur.) quasi-contract, implied contract.
quech-o*: damson (plum); (Prunus domestica); -iero: d. tree.
quer-ar: (tr.) to fetch; -igar: to casue (ulu) to fetch (ulu, ulo); -igez la mediko: send for the doctor. Ex.: Irar por querar ulu, ulo. Sendar ulu por querar ulu, ulo. Venar por querar ulu, ulo. — FL
quercitron-o: (bot.) quercitron, dyer’s oak (Quercus tinctoria). — DEFI
querk-o: oak-tree (genus: Quercus); (cf. rovro); -o-ligna tablo: oaken table; -o sempre-verda: evergreen oak, holm oak (Quercus Ilex). — L quest-ar: (tr.) to collect (money, after solicitation), to make a collection; -(ad)o: collection, gathering (of money); offertory. Def.: Solicitar e recevar pekunio quale por karitatala od altra skopo (kp. IV-414). — FI
question-ar, -adar: (tr., intr.) to question, ask questions of, interrogate (ulu, pri ulo); -o, -ado: query, question(ing), interrogation; (fig.) problem; -aro: set of questions (as for an examination, etc.); -ala, -iva: interrogative; -ema: inquisitive; -punto: q. point. V. exp.: vid. demandar, inquestar. — EFIS
questor-o: (Rom. antiq.) quæstor, questor. — DEFIRS
qui: see qua.
quiet-a: (mental condition) quiet, peaceful, tranquil (cf. tranquila); -eso: quietude, quietness, calmness; -igar: to tranquilize, comfort, calm, reassure, quiet down (ulu); -eskar: to become quiet, calm; -ismo: quietism: a theological doctrine; -ig-anta: reassuring, comforting; ne- -a: uneasy (cf. anxi-oza). V. exp.: vid. kalma. — EFIS
quik: (adv.; of time) immediately, at once, directly, forthwith (N.B. not the E. «quick»; cf. rapide, balde, subite); -a: done or happening at once, instantaneous, immediate; quik pos vua departo: immediately after your departure; irez quik: go immediately; me quik manjis ol: I ate it at once; quika halto: quick (immediate) stop; quika kompren-ebleso: immediate understanding; quik kande: as soon as (lit.: immediately when). Def.: Ye la sama instanto; exakte ye sam-tempo. — e
quin: see qua.
quin-o: quinquina, cinchona, Peruvian bark; (cf. quinino); -iero: cinchona tree (Cinchona). — DeFIRS
quinar-a*: quinary, consisting of five. — DEFIS
quing-o: (fruit) quince; -iero: q. tree (Cydonia vulgaris).
quinin-o: (chem.) quinine, quinia. Def.: Alkaloido extrakta di quino. — DEFIRS
quinkunc-o: quincunx. Def.: Kinopa dispozo di kozi (un en omna angulo e un meze di quadrato). — DEFI
quinquagezim-o*: Quinquagesima (Sunday). — DEFIS
quint-o: (mus.) quint: interval of five consecutive notes; (fig.) a tenor violin; (piquet) quint, a sequence of five cards; (fencing) quinte, fifth guard. — DeFIRS
quintal-o (metr-ala): quintal: 100 kg (about 200 lbs.). — eFIS
quintan-a* (febro): quintana, five-day fever.
quintesenc-o: (lit. and fig.) quintessence, essential thing, pith (of a matter). — DEFIRS
quintet-o*: (mus.) quintet. — DEFIS
quintik-o*: (math.) quintic. — EFIS
quintilion-o: quintillion (1,000,0005).
quiproqu-o: quid pro quo, mistake, blunder. Def.: Intermixo di du personi o kozi; V-25. — DeFIS
quirit-o: quirite, a citizen of ancient Rome in his civil capacity. — DEFIRS
quirl-ar: (tr.) to twirl, querl; turn or wind (ulo) around. V. exp.: Agitar liquido, ex. kremo, per quirl-ilo. — De
quit-a: quit(s), clear; rid, free (de, pre ulo); discharged (from debt); -igar: to receipt (a bill, etc.); to give a receipt to (ulu); to pay off, clear up; -igo: receipt; quittance, discharge (from debt); -esar ye ulu: to be quits with someone, to owe one nothing; -igo o du-opl-igo: (to play) quits of double; -a reciproke: (to be) mutually quits; il quit-igis la recevo di mea letro: he acknowledged the receipt of my letter. — DEFS
quo: see qua.
quocient-o: (arith.) quotient. — DEFIS
quodlibet-o: pun, quibble, sorry joke, jest. — F
quot-o: quota, portion, share, contribution. Def.: Parto quan on devas pagar o recevar, en repartiso di ula sumo totala. — DEFIS

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